The Gift

The Gift

Welcome to our new blog!
I hope you will enjoy coming to this page periodically.

My experience suggests that you, the beholder, are enormously important to my work as an artist. A work of art, whether visual or written, danced or sung, is not “finished” by the one who starts it, but by those who will see it, hear it, behold it—enter into it in some way.

Images come through me, are given through me for you (for others) to “receive”. When it interacts with you and all the life experience you bring to it, with your sense of wonder…that is the artist’s gift to you and to the world!

This page on our website is an invitation for you to receive such a gift. Please enjoy a gentle moment with the one image, and with the brief reflection which will accompany it. Receive them as gifts . . .

New images and reflections will be posted periodically, so if you do sign up for our emails, you will be sure to receive a notice when this happens.

Blessings and Peace,