Springtime of Creativity

Dance of Life

Dance of Life

Our Creative Universe!

Some years ago I was out on the rocks at Eastern Point Retreat in Massachusetts. The sun had popped up from the Atlantic that bright Sunday morning and I lingered long at the edge of the world, listening, watching, waiting, and becoming aware of the living water’s caress of the ancient rocks which held me.  I imagined back 4 billion years ago when all there was of Earth were molten rock and emerging seas.  Who could have dreamed what creativity lay within Earth then as she began to bring about this flourishing miracle of life, and sustain it!

Rock and sea and sun play here still, and continue to bring forth life.  Photons dazzle the water’s surface with explosions of light announcing the hidden miracles of creativity occurring just below the surface.

And so it is with us!  Just beneath the surface, the same Divine Creativity which unfolded this magnificent Universe and brought about the galaxies is moving in each one of us right now.  It is there, filled with possibility, just waiting to be called forth and to open out in ways that bring forth life and beauty.  Nothing is more essential than creativity to the Universe, and in our souls.

From that first moment, 13.8 billion years ago, when the intense light and energy of the Universe burst forth, the Story is about one great unfolding of Creativity.  At each moment of the Story, we observe the Divine Imagination in deep encounter with each particle, atom, molecule, galaxy, with each being, in such dynamic ways that something new, totally surprising, completely wonderful is evoked.  Water, rocks and light bring forth life.  Plants learn to eat sunlight.  Creatures develop brains and backbones. Atmosphere evolves to sustain life on land and beckons it forth.

It is from WITHIN that the Divine creates, from WITHIN that the Universe has differentiated itself in time and given birth to countless expressions of itself. . . each star, each galaxy, each species, each life form—unique.

The same creative energy that brought forth galaxies is roaring through us right now.  We can see this so clearly in infants and young children.  Exploration, play, imagination, interaction and response, self-expression, experimentation are effortless. Each child a unique expression of the Divine Imagination!  Totally unique, and unlike any other—the way of all creation!

What happens then, when we move into adolescence and adulthood? How is it that the energy of Creativity becomes frozen or blocked within, and we come to think we’re “not creative”?  How is it that we allow ourselves to be dominated by a culture that conditions us to “fit in”?   Of all earth’s beings, we humans are the only ones who can doubt our creativity, or fear the creativity of others.  We are the only ones who are afraid of the differences of other humans, other races, other cultures. We are also the only ones who can – and must – choose to live our creativity, so as to be co-creators of our unique selves.  We alone can delight in creativity and evoke it in each other.  We might say the ethical imperative for each of us is to identify who we are, and the gift that we are to become for the world, and be it!

At this time in human history, our radical human creativity is needed more than ever!    The glaringly dysfunctional structures of our society on every level are a call to re-shape the practices of our destructive life styles. We have become a mortal threat to our own survival and are destroying the fabric of life on this magical planet.

Ah! Creative spring is bursting forth. As we take delight in the vibrant energies of springtime, let us realize that this same Divine energy bringing forth new life out of the death and darkness of winter, is waiting in us, longing to burst forth.  Let us stir up and tune in as never before to our dreams, our longings –for our lives, and for our earth community.  Let us experience them as the Divine Imagination alive in us, calling us forth to release our human creativity today for a waiting world.