Our Message, Our Hope

Bear the Beams of Love by Mary Southard

Sitting in the stillness of dawn these mornings, I’ve felt a surge of love, care, and concern rising from everywhere in the world AS ONE VOICE from people’s hearts from all over the globe . . . their MESSAGE to those gathered in Paris for the Climate Change decisions and commitments.

I felt  myself as held in a global energy FIELD of CONSCIOUSNESS and longing and hope, and an awareness of the gravity of our situation, people from all over the world coming together as a global community as never before in one heart and one voice, brought together in behalf of Earth and one another! What a moment to celebrate.  What a moment to savor.  What a moment to call us to direct our love and hope and energy to Paris also!  (If you haven’t experienced Morgan Freeman reading “A Love Letter from Earth to Paris”, here’s the link:   http://www.fairobserver.com/more/environment/a-love-letter-from-earthtoparis-narrated-by-morgan-freeman-43291/    

 Let us join our voices with the One Voice on these last two days.  Please recognize the gravity of our reality and make generous and wise commitments in response to our climate crisis for the sake of THE FUTURE OF LIFE!

In shared hope,