Our Deepest Heart

Today is February 4th, the midpoint of our winter season when many in the north really start feeling the challenge of winter. This image might speak to the winter of our present culture. Daily we receive such harsh news of our world. We are distressed by the relentless struggles in national and local politics, in crushed efforts to end violence, in healing Earth, and in caring for her poor and needy.

At the Edge of Darkness

At the Edge of Darkness

This is not an easy image to look at . . . anxiety, unrest, rushing, reaching, searching everywhere. What else? We might wonder what we are to do with the stress this image suggests.

How might we respond with compassion?

What if we were to just stop!

Stop and breathe deeply a few times, and relax long enough to come to a place of stillness? Then with the courage of love, take a long loving look at our suffering world.

It is often in the depths of life that we find our deepest heart. We find God.






Now turn your gaze upon this next image. What do you see? Where are YOU in this image? 

I Was Raised in a Garden

I Was Raised in a Garden

Might this speak to who each of us really is . . . held in Love from our very beginning, alive in God’s embrace, nourished by air, Earth, beauty, creatures, food, relationships. All are gifts of that one great LOVE.

With tender listening and self-compassion, ask your heart, “What upsets me most about this stressful time? What is my deepest longing for our suffering world?”

And finally, “What am I passionate about?”

Perhaps THIS is the very gift you have been given to empower you to live creatively with peace and purpose and gratitude!

You might even choose to ground yourself in your gift, and actually share it (and your longing to live it) with a trusted friend or some Earth being like your beloved pet, or even a house plant. Notice the response you get!