Listening To Earth’s Heartbeat

Listening To Earth’s Heartbeat

We awaken to a world that is Sacred. We are immersed in the Sacred.

A moment of stillness, a quiet pause,
and we sense the Presence of the Sacred, an energy alive and pulsing
at the heart of every being, at the heart of all creation.
We can learn to lean into that Presence, to “listen for the Heartbeat of God.”*

We’re led to listen deeply then
for the heartbeat of the Sacred
—within ourselves, within one another, within the body of Earth,
that one heartbeat making all of us ONE.

We honor that Sacred within ourselves, within one another,
within our Holy Earth–“Namaste”.

We become bearers of the Holy to the world.

*Listening for the Heartbeat of God: A Celtic Spirituality — J. Philip Newell