Let’s Fall in Love Again

Touch The Earth

Touch the Earth


These words have been a kind of “mantra” for me recently. They seem to be one response to a nagging question: “What will wake us up?” or “What will motivate us humans” to learn what we need to learn and do what we need to do to be in a healthy relationship with Earth? We seem to have lost our soul connection, our sense of Earth as Sacred, our sense of wonder at such a beautiful, magnificent creation.  Can’t we see how privileged we are to just be here, part of this planet which is the source of life and wisdom for us all, even for Jesus.

When I consider this most terrible crisis of human history with the catastrophic  consequences of global warming already in motion I wonder, “What will wake us up?. Why can’t we see the intimate connection between what we do, what we eat, how we live and our chance of human survival.  Everything we do or don’t do matters–either adding to the human/earth suffering and destruction, or contributing to the human-earth vitality.

As I witness the undoing of the EPA and much of the protective ecological legislation , I hear once again  the shattering question Brian Swimme asked over 20 years ago: “Is the terror of this enough to wake us up?”  

So we’re confronted with terror and fear, or with love and hope.

The suffering already taking place globally, the devastated planet we’re passing on to our children and grandchildren, the uncertainty of human existence into the future, the threats to human health—these can overwhelm us with fear and powerlessness. It’s true that fear can impel us into action, but I want to respond out of Love rather than fear.  So I take a few deep breaths and I look out the window (or go outside) to remember who I am. As Earthling Mary I know I am loved and love strips away the illusion of separateness. I know I am one with all my suffering  brothers and sisters, who are also greatly loved. I am now responding from a place of love, of compassion .

This morning I was listening to Jack Kornfield’s “Guided Meditations for Difficult Times” when a profound insight came clear, and it is this.  “A loving heart, transforms into compassion when it encounters pain, and it connects us to ourselves and to others.”  Self-compassion enables me to regard myself with tenderness and care that moves me toward healing.

When I heard this something came clear. These are indeed “difficult times, times that  require the greatest Energy of the Universe—Love.  And it IS Love for Earth that is moving in many of us, and our hearts are breaking. We are grieving the great suffering of Holy Earth, thus transforming the sorrows of the world into a great stream of compassion.

So Let us keep falling in love, again and again, and again…..



Touch The EarthHow might we practice this transforming Love which becomes Compassion, and moves us to action to heal and restore Earth’s ONENESS, wholeness, and therefore our own?

Here’s how I’m going to begin. Each day I will go out among my Earth family (trees, stars, squirrels, grasses…) and will “fall” into Love /Oneness with Earth. (feel the Oneness).  I will place myself consciously in the Cosmic, creating Love flowing all around me/us, and which is being breathed into and through us, making us ONE.  I will let myself experience my intimacy within the pure gift of God’s Earth, all of us here being loved into existence, together, right now.  And I recognize the love gift that I am and can be for the Whole, that my true nature is Love—Compassion, I have been given unique gifts to heal and renew the face of Earth.  I will renew my commitment to use them.



Held in God’s heart there,

+ I gather into my heart, our broken, battered Earth, so in need of love / compassion, and healing  (with a gesture and an awareness of some current need(s) of Earth)

+ I remember that I too am Earth, and have need of self-compassion (gestures of tender self-compassion for what I need today)

+ I send energies of Loving Compassion out into the world today.  (with a gesture and a prayer)

+ I stand filled with gratitude and walk in a sacred manner, mindfully, into the day…

Amen.  Namaste’, and with love,

Mary Southard CSJ