In Beauty May We Walk

Perhaps the most deeply satisfying experience of the soul is beauty.  Perhaps beauty is what we are made for.  It heals the broken spirit, brings joy and delight, gives us hope in unbearable suffering, quickens the soul.  The physicist describes his equation as beautiful.  We observe a couple in love, a healed relationship, a kind deed, and think “how beautiful”!  We see the first crocus and find it beautiful!

To become engaged with beauty is to come into the Presence of the Holy.

Everywhere, we are held in beauty and immersed in beauty . . . the beauty of the natural world, of the cosmos studded with billions of gorgeous galaxies, stars, sun and moon. If we could but perceive it, we would see beauty, and hear beauty all around us, within all beings, and within ourselves!

In order to participate in beauty we allow ourselves to be taken, to be still, to listen, to “behold” (a long, loving look), become present and intimate with, become ONE with.  We experience the ONE-ness we long for, the harmony we hope for, a delight in being alive.  Beauty quickens our soul with its presence, its promise.

Today it was the glorious desert spring poppies, flourishing and radiant, dancing in the sun with her prickly pear cactus!  Soon we were all dancing . . . the poppies, the wind, cactus, sun, the Holy One, and I, and birds were making music all around . . .

Purple Iris

Purple Iris


One spring morning I was captured by the radiant color of an iris, colors I had never seen before.

Enthralled, I sat in a ONE-ING Presence with her, a stillness and intimacy, for a long while.  Her interiority, colors, shapes and rhythms of form invited me, engaged me with Holy Mystery.  She flowed into me and I into her.  We were not two; we were one.

I wonder if the one thing that delights God most is for us to partake in the banquet of beauty which He has placed before us. God’s self-outpouring is Creation.  It is God’s desire that we partake in God’s Self—pulsing with life and love in each being.

Perhaps we are made to experience Beauty and thus to experience The Holy.

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“In beauty may you walk”,