Here Comes the Possible

Here Comes the Possible

Here Comes the Possible

“The winter of our discontent…” These words might describe how I and so many Americans feel in this “dark time” of our political scene, our ecological reality, and the many kinds of oppressive power and violence that are creating a world of such suffering.

In recent weeks while walking through the early morning woods I could just feel the sap rising in the trees around me. Although it still looked like winter, I knew that the unstoppable spring had begun. Then one morning as I entered the clearing, I saw it!  Spread out before me, the dull winter earth was alive with a bevy of busy robins harvesting worms. Just like that it happened–that mysterious shift. My whole being became buoyant and spring energies brought joyous thoughts of possibility.

“Perhaps this is how it will come upon us,” I mused, “that shift of consciousness, that springtime when we humans will ‘wake up’ and ‘grow up’ into our true nature.  Perhaps, just beneath the surface, this springtime for humanity has already begun and is about to erupt from the long ‘winter of our discontent’”.

And then the world saw photos of the rare super bloom in Death Valley this spring.  I was there in March over thirty years ago…no hint of flowers then!  Yet just beneath our capacity to see or dare to hope that day, lay the seeds of beauty and life in abundance, just waiting for the right conditions to burst forth. And this year they did!

As it is for those seeds in Death Valley so it is for you and me. Just below the surface our souls are seeded with vibrant life and love and are ready to burst forth and bring about together the world we dream of.  It is the dream of a springtime, a blossoming of the human Soul, of a species made for love, and caring and compassion; destined to live in relationship, Communion, Oneness, Harmony.

Each year Spring breaks through to remind us that Resurrection is the dynamic of the Universe!


Mary Southard CSJ