Happy New Year 2015



Dancing on the Bones (Strand Gatherer)

Strand Gatherer

Happy New Year!

Please join me in this New Year’s prayer shared with me by a friend:


 2015 is your Special Year!

Where were you in 2010?

How about 2005?

Do you remember the new millennium?


We are experiencing a new half decade!

You are flying with the wings of humming care.

The pages of life flutter in the wind.

This is your year of flight!

You will be clothed in Excitement!

You will be Spirit Filled!

You will have new experiences!

You will have new insights with indeared friends!


You will be strong in suffering.

You will experience new directions.

You will be clothed in gentleness.

Again, you will be able to trust.


—graciously trust yourself,

—feel your profound goodness,

—believe you make a difference,

—sense the needs of others,

—feel the cosmos within yourself,

—profoundly embrace who you are,


You are wonderfully unique!

There is only One of You!

There is only one “2015”!

This is your year,

     Live it with Love,


             —Fr. Bill Veith

May this New Year grace us with what we need to live the dreams we carry in our hearts for our loved ones, ourselves and our world.

These dreams are God’s dreams planted within our souls, and God’s energies flowing through us.  Each of us, in our own way, has a gift to give the world that’s why we’re here.  So let us begin 2015 with new hope and a holy zest for life.

Peace and love,

Mary Southard