Global Oneness Day October 24, 2015

October 24th will be a truly unique and awesome day! It will stand as a symbol of peace and harmony among all nations, all individuals and all creation. We are indeed “One Sacred Community”.

July 18 Presentations 2013

The following message is a step toward both increased political awareness and spiritual awakening inspired by the presence and message of Pope Francis. I hope you will join me in solidarity by reading and signing The Oneness Declaration. It expresses the spirit of Global Oneness Day. It is a mirror for reflection and inspiration. Through the declaration of our Oneness we affirm and celebrate the Divine Energy alive and active in all of humanity and all of Creation. We birth a new world of wonderful possibilities for humankind.  See the links provided below:

See the links provided below:


Humanity's Team

 Oneness Declaration:

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Here’s your chance to offer this declaration to others…friends…family…like-minded souls…for their signatures.

In Oneness and Joy,

Mary Southard