From the Chaos

FROM THE CHAOS,  August 23, 2016



As I touch my fingers to the keyboard this evening, this is what I want to share first with you;  many, if not most of my paintings come from within me—what I’m attending to in my soul or in the world as it comes into me, events and movements and how I see them affecting others besides myself. Painting gives me a way of expressing, responding to and integrating the inner and outer movements, disturbances, insights or challenges.   Painting brings me to a deeper place within, and brings me into a place of peace.

It has been months since I’ve written a blog.  I just haven’t been able to!  Tonight it occurs to me that blogs must come from the same place as paintings.  They’ve been from my heart, a response to what’s currently happening.  This sheds new light on my recent “blog block”.  Whenever I’ve “gathered myself” wanting to do a blog these many weeks, months, no coherent thoughts have come. It’s a jumble of big things and nothing is in focus.  Only this one image comes, again and again, and over again.

I do read what other people are writing in response to the upheavals that engulf us–our political system in a shambles, the devastation of climate disruption on people and planet; rampant and senseless violence and terror killings and on and on. I thank these people for writing, for trying to make sense of it all. But I cannot.  All I have is my image.

And so I offer it to you this evening. It enables me to “be with” the world’s suffering, to grieve mightily with our suffering Earth.  As I embrace Earth, I remember who grieves with me…the trees, the coral reefs, the oceans, the trapped poor, all the other creatures. . .and the Holy One who holds each of us who grieve, and all of us. We are all ONE, held in One embrace of Love.