Blessed Be!

Blessed Be!

And what blessings for our world . . . this encyclical and Pope Francis!  Here we have a clear, comprehensive, straightforward and intelligent expose that recognizes and values Earth as our Sacred Source of life and sustenance and whose gifts are to be shared among all Earth’s family!

“Laudato Si’ is absolutely stunning in sweep, depth, and wisdom. It is exactly the right document, at the right moment, by the right person” writes Dave Pruett in his 6/19/15 Huffington Post editorial.

Pope Francis has written a letter to all of us human members of Earth’s community. His letter is about our common Earth home and our human role within this Community of Life. Francis writes with love and with strength and awakens us to the reality of our Human / Earth Crisis as a crisis of the human heart. He invites us to inhabit the “A BIGGER STORY” than the small one we’ve been living out of, a story which has allowed our culture to spin out of control with self-interest and national interest. It is a call to live the cosmic / personal Grace evoked by the great suffering this is causing to our planet and her poorest members.




In Blessed Be! Pope Francis looks squarely into Humanity’s multiple crises: collapsing ecosystems, unjust agricultural policies, exposure to toxic pesticides, the concentration of wealth and land in the hands of a few, catastrophic climate disruption. His concerns are for the poor and marginalized who are being most adversely affected, and for the preservation of the environment for future generations.

Many of us have not been able to comprehend the direness of our situation for it is beyond what any of us humans expected or have experienced before.

No previous generation has been asked to do what we are called to do . . . to broaden and deepen our vision, claim the fullness of our human nature, and change our whole way of seeing, thinking, valuing, and behaving in order to live justly with one another in our common Earth home. We must learn to place the well-being of nature as the foundational priority of the society we will create together. We will re-order our personal, familial, national, and international patterns as we learn to measure the quality of human life and Earth life in terms other than wealth.

Experts tell us that previous changes in human thinking of this magnitude—such as the abolition of human sacrifice, the abolition of slavery—have taken (and are still taking) long periods of time. Our change must be swift if we are to survive. This is the Great Work to which our generation is called.

Walter Bruggemann speaks to this: “What God does first and best and most is to trust (his) people with their moment in history to do what must be done for the sake of (God’s) whole community.”   Each of us has been given a gift, a talent, a passionate desire to bring to this moment of planetary healing and transformation. Each ones gift is greatly needed, and only we can bring it forth.  Let us encourage one another . . .

As a response to this blog, I invite you to view and pray this video which one group of Christians prepared and shared with their congregations a few years ago. It speaks to our hearts today:   “Tend and Keep” (3:32 min.)

Blessings Be!

Mary Southard