Ancient Streams


“Each year spring breaks through to remind us that Resurrection is the Order of the Universe.”

 Let us rejoice in that hope!


Our world has entered a period of great upheaval. Economies are in a collision course with ecosystems and life itself. Reports of climate catastrophe, environmental collapse, food and health decline, massive geopolitical and religious instability and violence, confront us daily. It takes great courage to stay awake and not retreat into denial, fear, despair. For those who are able to feel the pain and grieve, this crisis, this “dark passage” is an invitation to a deeper and more beautiful reality. As is true in our individual lives, this is a time for inner growth, a time to tap into The Source . . . into the deep wells of wisdom and love we carry within.

Streams of Silence, Streams of Hope

Thomas Berry, cultural historian, visionary and prophet puts it beautifully:

“As we seek to escape from the wasteland about us, we witness these ancient springs once again flowing with cool water capable of sustaining us on the next phase of our journey. Contemplative traditions are renewed, prayer is again a source of wisdom, and the healing power of silence is rediscovered.  As the need for a more mystical relationship with Earth becomes more widespread, education could become an initiation into a wisdom tradition rather than simply an acquisition of factual data.”

The Sacred Universe, p. 64


An Easter Blessing

May the ancient springs keep flowing with cool water for us in this next stage of our human journey.

May we set aside regular times of stillness and “tune in” to The Holy One present and active in our sacred Earth and in ourselves.

May we listen deeply and learn again from Earth how to live in balance and harmony as ONE Sacred Community of Life.

With hope and  love,

Mary Southard, CSJ