An Invitation To See

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Perhaps one of Life’s great unexpected gifts is the unexpected arrival of a “good companion on the way,” someone with kindred gifts and ways of seeing. Len Sroka is such a gift to me. Over some years now we have shared our creative work with each other and been mutually inspired and encouraged in the creative journey.

In this blog, may you be inspired by the writing and exquisite photography of Len’s gorgeous visual meditations. You may wish to visit his website often—to begin the day or come home to rest in Great Mystery, in Love, in sacred Earth’s extravagant beauty. May you recognize your own Life–“just to be here!”—as a holy gift.



 Our Guest Blog by Len Sroka:

An Invitation To See

“All around us, to the right and left, in front and behind, above and below, we see the divine welling up and showing through.” Teilhard de Chardin


From the DVD “Earthy Spirituality”

More than 40 years ago I received “an invitation to see” — to see the Divine at the heart of all earthy reality. This invitation from the writings of Priest-Scientist Teilhard de Chardin has challenged and inspired my spiritual and creative life, ever since.

Over the years I’ve learned to sense the Presence of the Sacred — in the mini-panoramas of our backyard, in the wonders of our children (and now grandchildren), in the shared joys and pains of 53 years of wedded friendship.

Along the way, many everyday mystics have reiterated Teilhard’s “invitation to see”. C. S. Lewis reminds me that “The world is crowded with God. He walks everywhere incognito.” Evelyn Underhill challenges me to “Concentrate your whole attention on this one act of loving sight…”  Frederick Franck reminds me that “Seeing is an awakening, a capacity for reverence, a capacity for awe for the simplest things of nature…” And Sallie McFague encourages me to “look at the world the way God does, with a loving eye.”

For 40 years I’ve made it my life’s mission to live Teilhard’s invitation to see and to share what I see, through:

  • The 1976 publication of a filmstrip “World Alive with living God”.
  • The 1995 launch of my website
  • Creation of a steady stream of videos, which I share on the website.



From the DVD Savor the Mystery

Along the way, I have met kindred spirits like Mary Southard who sees so intensely and shares her sights so grace-fully. Last year I was immersed in an extended meditation on her sights and insights, while producing her Artist’s Statement video “A Journey of Soul”.

Most recently, Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si challenges me to see the environmental and consciousness-raising challenges before us. To help protect the Earth which provides us with unending revelations of Divine Presence, I’m now working on a series of videos to help others see what Pope Francis is calling us to see.

Len Sroka